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OnEco CV Joint - Genuine Remanufactured Parts by Hyundai Glovis for Hyundai/Kia/GM Daewoo/Ssangyong

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All OnEco parts are remanufactured by its original producers (OEM)

All parts successfully fulfill performance/safety/durability evaluations equal to "New" parts.

Not only Hyundai/Kia parts, OnEco also distributes auto parts for other automobiles such as GM, Renault Samsung, and SSangyong.


What Is a Remanufactured Auto Part?

Remanufactured parts (a,k,a. rebuilt parts) are remanufacturing of the end-of-life auto parts through the

processing (complete overhaul, reassembly and replacement) that recovers parts to the component level.

Using remanufactured parts over new parts is prevalent in the EUROPE, US and JAPAN.

Through recycling the EOL(end-of-life) parts, it could provide economical advantage to customer

and contribute to national green growth reducing waste resources.



HYUNDAI GALOVIS, a maember of HYUNDAI/KIA Motor Group, was born as an automabile logistics

compant in 2001. The company has heen engaged in the KD[Lnock Down] business, which involves

procuring parts from domestic and overseas parts suppliers and transporting/selling the parts to

manufacturing plante for oversaes production of automobile of HYUNDAI/KIA motors, while its

continuous efforts to recycle waste resources for execution of eco-friendly management complete

the resource-recycling business struture of the HYUNDAI/KIA Motor group.

this resource-recycling business mainly focuses on used and remanufactured auto parts carrying

out the launch of "ONECO"


What Is "ONECO"

ONECO, standing for "ONE + ECO," is the trademark of used-remanufactured auto parts of

HYUNDAI GLOVIS. Through ONECO, HYUNDAI GLAOVIS contributes to reduce waste energy and

resources. It also serves to practice economic effectiveness for customers.

HYUNDAI GLOVIS ONECO is the only genuine remanufactured parts for HYUND/KIA cars.