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Futureplus+ was made by Korea Future Parts for targeting the global automotive aftermarket.

Korea Future Parts will provide premium quality auto parts with reasonable prices

through the Futureplus+ brand. Futureplus+ line-up will be expanded from Lubricant & Grease

to general automotive parts according to customer's need.


1. Engine Oil


1) Gasoline Engine Oil


Futureplus+ SN 5W30 is formulated with 100% synthetic base oil. It meets the highest API grade and European requirments.

Available for gasoline and LPG vehicles and provide long service life with excellent oxidation stability and

engine protection


• All the gasoline vehicles produced in Korea

• Luxury cars including BMW, Mercedes and etc.

• High horse-powered vehicles

• Vehicle needs long interval of engine oil exchange


• SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40, API SN, SM, CF

• ACEA C3-08, ACEA A3/B3-08, ACEA

• MB229.51, 229.31

• VW 502 00 / 505 00, BMW Longlife-04







2) Diesel Engine Oil

Futureplus+ CI 10W40 is the highest quality diesel engine oil formulated with the highest quality base oil Tri-Synthetic.

It exceeds API CI-4 grade and meets European specification and most of other diesel engine maker's requirment.

Its formulation of the best materials keeps the engine clean by reducing suldge and carbon build-up.

Also, it is excellent in terms of noise reducing, wear protection and high output.


• High power truck

• High speed buses

• Heavy duty equipments

• Diesel engines for passenger vehicles and etc


• API CI-4, ACEA E2-96, ACEA B3-98, ACEA A2

• MB-228.1, 229.1, MAN 271, MTU Type1

• Volvo VDS2, CUMMNS CES 20076 and etc.

2. Gear Oil

Futureplus+ GL 75W85W is specially developed for the front wheel driving vehicles. Transmission of front wheel

drive cars exposed to high operating temperature. So, it requires very high heat/oxidation stablility together

with low temp tlowability and extreme pressure protection so that oil can protect the transmission.


• For the manual transmission of front wheel drive vehicles

• Manual transmission equipped with synchronizer


• Smooth gear shift under very cold weather

• Protect the gear from extreme pressure and load

• By using VHVI base oil, mechanical stability and oxidation

stability is outstanding

• Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-foaming

3. ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid)

Futureplus+ ATF-3 is developed for cutting edge technology cars. Selected additives provides long life of oil and

prevent vibration under cold weather.


• ATF for various kinds of vehicles


• Smooth movement of transmission

• Very low temperature nature for soft operation

• Long service life by high oxidation & thermal stability

• Meets GM Dextron-ⅢH, Ford MERCON, Allison C-4

Developed Items

1. Automotive Oil

① Gasoline Engine Oil

② Diesel Engine Oil

③ Agriculture Equipment Oil

④ Motor Cycle Oil

⑤ Automotive Gear Oil


⑦ Anti-Freezer

2. Industrial Oil

① Hydraulic Oil

② Machine Oil

③ Turbine Oil

④ Slideway Oil

⑤ Heat Therm Oil

⑥ Compressor Oil

3. Grease

① Multipurpose Hi-Temp Grease

② High Speed Synthetic Grease

③ Very Hi-Temp Grease

④ Hi-Speed, Hi-Temp & Heavy Load Grease

⑤ Silicone Grease

⑥ Grease for Central Feeding

⑦ Multipurpose Greases


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